Monday, January 25, 2016

How friction affected my machine
Friction affected my machine by making my pulley slower, and slowing down my cars, but it also help them start up, it also slowed the marble while passing through the screw, and how fast the cup with the marbles fell too, it also made the middle of my pulley slightly hotter as it created thermal energy with the cylinder and the string.

newtons law of motion in the machine
It shows that the machine stayed intact until i pushed the Cup down causing it to slide on the incline plane hitting the dominoes (level) causing a chain reaction. at the same time working as a pulley to pull the car (wheel and axle) and another incline plane. The dominoes also hit the marble causing it to fall down the funnel (screw) positioned on top of more dominoes causing them to fall in a chain reaction (lever) hitting the car causing it to move (wheel and axle) getting stopped by the triangle (wedge) because it separates the car from the ground causing a splitting motion. It all follows the 1st law in that everything stayed intact until i pushed a cup.

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