Thursday, November 12, 2015

Real life use: Natural gas / petroleum
Steam cracking

Molecules are made by the individual electrons inside a atom wanting to pair with a electron so when a electron of a atom pairs up with a electron from a different atom it creates a bond in turn making a molecule as it is two or more atoms bonded together.
It is important to learn about molecules as they make up fundamental things around us such as the air your breathing right now and the carbon dioxide your breathing out and its very important because you might know about atoms but molecules really make everything as an example my model for ethane shows a natural gas but a different molecule will make a different thing such as vitamin A which we need.
They are important to our lives as the only way to know why a diamond is so hard is to know that its because of its molecular structure and why its so tough and so helpful and it can show us new applications for it and how we can improve to make it better. It shows us why things are the way they are that's why everyone should learn about it.


Two or more atoms bonded together make a molecule
They are held together by electrons from the individual atoms looking to pair with other electrons because electrons like to be in pairs. A example can be the water molecule has two hydrogen atoms looking for a electron to pair with so they found a oxygen atom and paired with one of the electrons from the oxygen atom making a bond 
It is important to learn about molecules because we are made by them and they help us understand the world in a fundamental way and also because molecules make up things such as our fuel as show above with the Ethanol molecule which is used as fuel in the modern day, another point is because they are all around us regardless of our profession or are a prime example is nitric acid show below as it is used for fertilizers but also a tiny bit for bombs showing that the same chemical is used by farmers and scientists. It is fundamental to about molecules as we interact with them every day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015