Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Potential & Kinetic Energy

Forms of energy are in this all around us.

There are many different forms of energy in the world such as Nuclear when you split the nucleus of the  atom creating massive amounts of energy one way we see it in every day life is when the sun does that and that light energy is received by the plants and it uses that stored energy to create food which is chemical energy that is called photosynthesis Nuclear => Chemical

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be converted such as getting to metal balls and smashing them together but having a paper in the middle the energy needs to go somewhere so it transforms into thermal energy burning through a tiny bit of the paper

Potential energy is stored inside things such as a battery which is chemical energy inside an electric scooter waiting to be powered up creating mechanical energy and moving the scooter.

Kinetic energy is when energy is moving such as a Lightning bolt going at the speed of light hits the ground creating a burn on the ground and a lot of noise

It is around us and is nonstop it happens to us and helps us understand why some things happen such as turning on a car.